Thanks for coming to this site – it’s badass isn’t it. (I put a period because I know the answer) This is a comedy Website, drawing on satire, sarcasm and brutal honesty to make the reader laugh. Enjoy it – or bitch at me. Both are fun.

Original Description of the Site:

This site is about things that are stupid or sometimes, things that aren’t. No material is intended to ever be plagiarized or borrowed from others but inspiration can be subconscious.

If you can’t tell, humor is a strong element here. I do appreciate film and television though. I know it’s difficult work. If any of the grocery baggers that used to be in films I review ever read this, I hope you know that it’s tongue in cheek and all in good* humor.

*Good being mean, spiteful, hateful and ridiculing.

If you want to contact The Annoyed Critic, do so here. You agree that you release the rights to your message for me to use in a future post, if you choose to send me a message. You also explicitly give me permission to publish your name and email address as well as any other material on the Internet that is publicly available about you in order to provide any replies or retorts to your message. Don’t worry – I don’t usually spend my time looking up someone’s past – unless they want to get really hateful and be a piece of shit.


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