I hated WWF Warzone.


Hello fuckers. Remembering back to the late 1990s, WWF didn’t have many video game options. At one point, WCW was killing them on consoles with WCW/nWo Revenge, World Tour, Nitro, and some others. Meanwhile, WWF had the shitty Wrestlemania Arcade Game no one wanted. Oh, don’t forget about the sequel to it no one remembers – In Your House. Acclaim had produced some flushers but finally seemed to be ready to give us an actual wrestling title…Warzone.

It sucked.

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Review: Ghostbusters


Ghostbusters is simply a legendary movie. It is a 9.9/10 for me. Yeah, I don’t give it a perfect rating because I felt like they shit on Ernie Hudson in the movie and that always kind of bothered me. Still does. But the movie was magical.

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nWo Souled Out 1997 was shit.


I can remember the hype behind the first nWo PPV back during 1997. It was when WCW was on top of the Monday Night Wars, an over-used phrase by WWE to market shit. But the nWo was huge – big enough to have it’s own pay-per view. How did that go over? Like a turd in the punch bowl.

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Marvel Daredevil on Netflix is fantastic.


Marvel Daredevil is a really good show. High quality, strong actors and good story. The opening, while a little similar to Hannibal, is also pretty fun. Is that candle wax? What is that?

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Review: Adam 12 – “Reed, the Dicks Have Their Job and We Have Ours.”


Adam 12 was a show back in Moses time when cops never did anything wrong and we’re always good guys who got the job done. Oh that’s just how they were portrayed. Each episode is a lot like the formula for Dragnet. No surprise, Jack Webb made this show too.

The episode I will sample today is “Reed, the Dicks Have Their Job and We Have Ours.”

They manage to say “One Adam 12” so much per episode, you could do a drinking game with it. “I’m generally very calm and collected” says the lady who is acting like she isn’t. It’s a call to a fucking cat under a house. I’d shoot the lady.

Some vagrant flags down the cops to narc on a fight. They’re sure to harass him about his past drug habit to embarrass him before leaving. They find a dead body. They basically do nothing until the dicks appear.

A woman is beat up by her wife. The cops ask her to not press charges if he promises. He’s a drunk. The officer doesn’t have time to listen to it and makes her forgive him.

So they chase some people down and the bad guys jump out. They plant drugs on them. The rookie who was mad he didn’t get to investigate the stabbing earlier gets all happy now that he saw a little action. They see the dicks and of course, the stabbing is working them a bunch.

This show sucked.

Review: Goosebumps – Attack of the Jack O’ Lanterns


Attack of the Jack O Lanterns is our next televised train wreck. Why does RL Stine not even try to catch the flying papers at the open? I think I saw a green pussy in the open collage.

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Review: Terminator 2: Judgment Day


Terminator 2: Judgment Day was one of those movies…listen I don’t know if I can get through this – Apple is absolute fucking shit today. It’s one of those movies where it never gets old. It was a great flick. It still sucked though.

We open up to NOTHING BUT SKULLS in the future. There’s not a goddamn bone in the world besides skulls. In this one playground, probably 300 skulls are there. Why? Why were so many people in this playground. I must know.

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Review: Raw Saturday Night – February 21, 1998

Raw is War
Raw is War

This edition of Raw is Saturday, not Monday night! I never understood why USA would preempt their number one show so we could watch a poodle jump through a loop and take a shit on astroturf.

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David Koresh was a lying fuck; The Branch Davidians were dumb fucks.

The Davidians sat themselves on fire and executed themselves and little children. Why? Because they believed a dumbass was Jesus.

The Branch Davidians at Waco were all fucking retarded. They were dumb fucks. Brainwashed. And David Koresh was probably a con-artist who knew the Bible was a bunch of charlatans taking advantage of fools’ gullibility.

Or he was just completely batshit insane and thought his imagination was a real voice.

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GameStop sucks


GameStop sucks. I’m sick of this store and it’s fake ass employees. They’re so fucking phony. Oh you think they’re your friend? Tell them you’re not reserving anything or getting a membership. See how quickly they hate you. They’re after numbers.

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Review: The ABCs of Death 2


The ABCs of Death 2 is an awful horror film. The first one was unusually charming while still sucking. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it (2%). This one just sucks. It isn’t even worth watching.

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Mark David Chapman is a fucking fat idiot

fuck you dude

I was just watching a documentary on the murder of John Lennon. If they had done it like I would have, it would have been 3 minutes long. When they came to the part to talk about Chapman, I would have said “He’s a fucking idiot.” but they went into detail and it pissed me off.

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Review: Raw is War – February 9, 1998

Raw is War
Raw is War

We open to a camera shaking and Sunny, as Marilyn Monroe, singing Happy Birthday to Mr Blassie. The attitude era and happy birthday opens the show. We recap last weeks episode.

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Resident Evil 4 – Masterpiece in gaming.


The greatest Gamecube game released was Resident Evil 4. It was also one of the greatest games ever released and was the best Resident Evil game, by a fucking mile.

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The first season of Gotham sucked.


First season of Gotham sucked. I can’t believe the show is still on. I just watch it to see how bad it can be. It is like driving by a car wreck and having to look out of interest.

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Review: Goosebumps – Vampire Breath


Vampire Breath is our next episode because they ran out of episodes that didn’t sound like shit. This episode was so bad, it took me weeks to finish just this measly review of it. I couldn’t watch it. Every time I would start, I would get nauseous because of how bad of a waste of time it was. So just know, this fucking episode is one of the worst of the worst.

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Review: Groundhog Day


Groundhog Day is one of those movies I’ve seen a million times. It is a “Go to Sleep” movie which will not upset me or my precious balance before I fall asleep to begin dreaming about sex with models. Those are the best. Groundhog Dog Day Out is great.

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Review: Arrow – Season 3


The third season of Arrow was probably the best season it has produced thus far. If the show were to go off the air tomorrow, it would be a beautiful 3 year story that has been told. We know that isn’t going to happen but let us talk about this fantastic show.

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