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How to host a Mark Zuckerberg live stream


Step 1 – Stream it from a shitty, concrete-floor office. If you can’t, do a BBQ in your backyard with a $10 grill.

  • With a billion dollar company, it is important to have the shittiest looking office in the world. Don’t spend any money, gang. Keep that economy bottlenecked!

Step 2 – Make sure you only take questions related to that stupid fucking drone which beams internet to Africa

  • Who needs internet service in Rwanda? I’d rather not die of a tapeworm going up my piss stream.

Step 3 – Ignore all legitimate questions from readers which are challenging and make you address issues.

  • Especially ignore questions about the borderline-retards who run your customer support department and who ban atheists for telling the truth to religious nuts. This is documented as having happened.

Step 4 – Ignore questions about bugs, glitches and features which haven’t worked, some in years, on Facebook. Focus on that fucking drone.

The stupid shit doesn’t even have wheels. How is it supposed to land? 9/11 style?

Step 5 – You’ve yet to add the ability to comment as a page on the Facebook app, and actually bugged out the ability to on the Pages app, so why fix it now? Talk about something else new you’re doing. We get it – you get tired of your old toys and want new ones.


Walgreens sucks

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Walgreens is such a fucking stupid company. Think about it – buy cigarettes and cancer medicine in the same store. Capitalism at its fucking finest.

First, their stores suck. They have the suckiest book collections I’ve ever witnessed. Talking about romance novels for old ladies to press a finger against their bean once and spray sand out. You also can’t walk around without seeing a floatation device in a random kiosk, like everywhere. Even in Winter.

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Things no one wants to see you post on Facebook. (Idiots need to read)

I don’t know why, but some people are STILL too stupid to understand that somethings do NOT need to be on Facebook. They need to be on Ogrish or some nasty shit. Here is a list of things NO ONE WANTS TO SEE you post on Facefuck.

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Great Value is usually a total rip-off

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Great Value is Walmart’s brand that they sell next to competitors products, at a few cents less but with 90% less quality. I hate it even though some – SOME of their stuff is ok. I am creating a list to keep up with the Great Value products you do NOT want.

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Facebook is run by morons.


Although it has great potential as a device to connect peoples and places, Facebook has become nothing more than a corporate hack-employing politically correct mess. Now, you can’t even speak truths about Christianity or other shitty religions because they’ll ban you.

“The cross is also the pagan symbol for intercourse” was the only thing I wrote on a post that got me suspended for a day (and another admin suspended for THIRTY DAYS). That is IT.

By the way, it isn’t like I made that up. It has been well documented by others.

However, fuck facts. Christians and butthurt bitches reported me enough that I was punished. Irony? I drive past churches that say that preach the truth to you in LOVE. Well why can’t you fucking pieces of shit listen to my truth, THE truth? Oh that’s right, you’re the most hypocritical, one-way bunch that has ever lived.

Fuck Facebook and fuck butthurt Christians.

Pizza Hut Hog Dog Crust is absolutely GROSS


Pizza Huts Hot Dog Crust Pizza is gag worthy. It is awful. You won’t eat it more than once.

It looks like a pizza surrounded by uncircumsized dicks.

It’s also apparently hard not to totally burn, because mine was.

The taste does not mix well, pizza and hot dogs. Plus, they give you MUSTARD. That sealed it for me as undoable. I actually added mayo and honey and did a honey mustard that worked better.

Another fail by Greaszza Hut.

Shut the fuck up about Father’s Day.


Happy Father’s Day. My dad is dead.

That’s how much sense it makes, though. This dumb ass day that everyone has to fucking talk about all of the time ends up being a reminder of sadness and grief for anyone who has lost their parents. And why?

All so people will buy things.

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David Koresh was a lying fuck; The Branch Davidians were dumb fucks.

The Davidians sat themselves on fire and executed themselves and little children. Why? Because they believed a dumbass was Jesus.

The Branch Davidians at Waco were all fucking retarded. They were dumb fucks. Brainwashed. And David Koresh was probably a con-artist who knew the Bible was a bunch of charlatans taking advantage of fools’ gullibility.

Or he was just completely batshit insane and thought his imagination was a real voice.

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GameStop sucks


GameStop sucks. I’m sick of this store and it’s fake ass employees. They’re so fucking phony. Oh you think they’re your friend? Tell them you’re not reserving anything or getting a membership. See how quickly they hate you. They’re after numbers.

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Suddenlink is the WORST goddamn company in America.

Just seeing this logo pisses me off.

Suddenlink is a cable/internet/phone provider to many Americans, especially across the South, where you get fucked over more than anywhere else in the United States because of Republicans being in power. Republicans never side with citizens against big companies. Ever.

Suddenlink, which has the worst advertisements I’ve ever seen from a national company, offers the shittiest service to its customers that it can get by with. Constant Internet outages, constant maintenances, the worst tech-support imaginable including tech service crews who are sometimes borderline retarded. “UUURHHH, did you restart it?” they will begin with, as their eyes are sunken into their head and half-closed, due to unawareness.

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Know what is stupid? The Pledge of Allegiance.


I hate the Pledge of Allegiance. The entire idea of it sounds like some McCarthyism bullshit.

You know, I would say we get rid of the whole Pledge of Allegiance if it wasn’t for the fact that it has been around in America forever…oh wait. That’s right. No it fucking hasn’t! The Pledge of Allegiance began in 1892 and changed in the 1950s for one addition – Under God. Violating the separation clause, we fucking put that in there.

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Capital One 360’s Website totally fucking sucks.


I’ve had an auto loan with Capital One since 2010 for my bad ass muscle car. Now, I got it mainly to make my credit improve by having a car on it. Capital One financed me and had a great Website that I NEVER had an issue with. Then, for no reason at the end of 2014, they decided to make the worst possible decision.

Capital One 360.

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