WCW Nitro for PS1/N64 sucked anus.


One of the worst videogames of all TIME was WCW Nitro for PS1. It had one good feature: the nWo theme in the menu. This was in the days before you had your themes on YouTube. We had to look through fucking angelfire websites to find that shit back in the day and it was as BAD quality as possible or had commentary over it.

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Body by Jake looks like a rat.


Why does Body by Jake (that’s his name) look like a rat?

These workout gurus have never meant shit to me because all you need to be in shape is the one thing you can’t buy: motivation. That’s the only secret. But these dorks try to cash in on you by hiring hot ass people and selling you expensive ass shit.

One of the guys who has been doing it the longest is Splinter himself, Body by Jake.

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The Terminator (1st one) was good but overrated as fuck


Terminator was a James Cameron movie from the 80s with a budget that was nothing. One of the first large future robots has a police beacon on top of it! Pull over to the side of the road and prepare to be terminated!

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Pizza Hut Hog Dog Crust is absolutely GROSS


Pizza Huts Hot Dog Crust Pizza is gag worthy. It is awful. You won’t eat it more than once.

It looks like a pizza surrounded by uncircumsized dicks.

It’s also apparently hard not to totally burn, because mine was.

The taste does not mix well, pizza and hot dogs. Plus, they give you MUSTARD. That sealed it for me as undoable. I actually added mayo and honey and did a honey mustard that worked better.

Another fail by Greaszza Hut.