WWE Immortals – Not Good

Notice that videogames now depict Nikki's implant titties.
Notice that videogames now depict Nikki’s implant titties.

The people who created the shitty Injustice Mobile game, which isn’t very good, have found a way to take that lack of creativity and reduce it even more. They reskinned the game into WWE Immortals.

The game is exactly Injustice: Gods Among Us…except for one thing: It has 1/10th of the roster. I’m not talking about the current…I mean from what Injustice had when it started. The game has no one in it. The Rock is a SILVER card, which pissed me off…Brock Lesnar is too. Cena, Big Show, HHH, Trish (wtf) all have gold cards. HHH has a silver card too. The idea is that bronze sucks, silver is better and gold is awesome. Of course Cena will have one and Undertaker…but I can’t believe the game launched without Brock being a gold card. He’s your current champion. Something tells me CM Punk was left out of the game.

One of two Big Shows in the game. Did they really think there was a big demand?
One of two Big Shows in the game. Did they really think there was a big demand for him?

The animations are actually nice. They match a lot of what we see the wrestlers do in the ring. The Bellas have their stupid mindless dance. Rock throw’s punches like he really does in WWE (weird). Daniel Bryan, who hilariously has a character that is just him in the game, looks like he was designed by a fan of WWE and that is good.

This is actually the sweetest character.
This is actually the sweetest character.

There is a blatant pentagram in the game, during Kane’s supermove. Vince is getting more bold with his Satanic tendencies.

Sound is alright. The grunts and groans don’t match the wrestlers at all. I usually just play the game muted. Nothing special.

Online sucks and is buggy. Speaking of bugs, sometimes, you’ll fight two characters at once and I still don’t understand how it is possible. One might be on the other side of the screen but you’re being hit by him. It’s dumb.

Buggy shit
Buggy shit

The game gets boring really fast. There aren’t enough characters in the roster to add a variety to the single player mode, so you just end up battling the same people over and over – with the same people. I know they’ll add more shit as time goes on and that might be enough to make it a little more fun…but swiping three times or tapping three times can only be so fun. There is enough here to make it worth checking out for hardcore WWE fans but I don’t think you’ll be satisfied for long. 3/10.

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The Brothers of Destruction
The Brothers of Destruction

One thought on “WWE Immortals – Not Good”

  1. Just this poster alone makes me laugh my ass off. I’m glad the Bellas are so racially diverse they’re not just the Latinas, but now the Asians when they need to be. Tough to believe any WWE game would have 1/10th the roster considering they’ve got a heap of wrestlers. Enough to bankrupt a game company with royalties.


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