Stone Cold Steve Austin – Alleged steroid using woman beater


I used to be the biggest Stone Cold Steve Austin fan. He would open up a can of whoop ass on Mr. McMahon and stun him, stun Shane, stun Stephanie (?), stun Linda (???) and maybe even stun Debra, his wife. While several of those women that Austin beat up were in the script, at least several that he has beat up in real life were not in any script. Steve Austin is a woman beater, according to his ex-wife.

He was jacked, angry at the world and as popular as anyone has ever been in wrestling. Steve Austin was and is a household name – yet the man who brandished his Austin 3:16 catchphrase in a King of the Ring victory speech that was originally to have been Triple H’s has a dark side. A much darker side. Debra McMichael, or Marshall as is her name, has actually commented on it in interviews. She broke the seal on one of the biggest scoops in pro-wrestling history and it was swept under the rug! What the everloving fuck?

You know, what I can say is what I know from being married to Steve Austin, and he definitely told me he used them (steroids). And I’ve actually seen him do that before. – Debra, to Sean Hannity in 2007.


Debra, Austin’s real life ex-wife, was being interviewed regarding the insanity that happened with Chris Benoit. Benoit was a steroid-abuser who lost his mentality over the years thanks to having his brains bashed in, diving off the ropes on top of his head and abusing drugs. He killed his family and then himself. It was a big news item, at the time, although Fox was ignoring the Christian aspect of the story (Benoit killed his family and then himself, so all would be in Heaven together. Christianity at it’s worst/normal). So with that story going on, it was almost lost in the shuffle that Debra was dropping bombshells about the biggest name in wrestling history – and also, a woman beater!

I tell you what. I know it was — contributed to the use of steroids, because I have seen the steroid rages. I have seen him being paranoid. I have seen his panic attacks. I mean, for three times, I’d seen him attack me — I mean, and at work people would know it, and they would cover the bruises on my face.

See, Debra told Hannity (who I do not claim is a news source but for the purpose of this interview, I identify him) that Steve Austin not only beat her up on several occasions, but the WWE covered it up and hid her bruises at work. Why? Because Austin was responsible for hundreds of millions in WWE revenue, directly and indirectly, over the years. For those that don’t know, WWE almost went out of business in and around 1996-1997. However, thanks to one popular superstar, they managed to save the company, go on to become publicly traded and put out of business Ted Turner’s WCW. Steve Austin is why that happened. So it goes without saying that a negative incident regarding the company’s top star would be covered up if possible.

But it wasn’t just some light slaps or taps that got the cover up. Apparently, Stone Cold was frighteningly violent.

The last time Steve attacked me, alcohol was involved. He jumped on me. He’s on my back with his knee in my back, pounding me in the back and in my face. I thought I was going to die.

And then, I can totally understand what Nancy must have felt in the last few seconds of her life, because I thought I was going to die.

At one point, Debra had to contact the authorities and have Austin arrested. From the sounds of it, justifyingly so. However, was WWE and Vince McMahon concerned with it?

They put a gag on me for a year that I couldn’t talk about this, because they knew that I could totally bring down their top star.

Only concerned to an extent that it might cost Vinnie Mac his money.

Now, I do not tolerate victim-blaming here. That is the right-wing/Christian way of handling abusive people – to blame the victim and then wonder why the problems continue. Some attack Debra’s credibility but I get the sense that she is genuine. Mainly because Austin was arrested for beating a different woman previously.

The police report says that Austin grabbed his girlfriend, Tess Broussard, and threw her down to the floor during an argument. Real tough.

Stone Cold Steve Austin could be the greatest wrestler or most exciting entertainer or best talker ever on a microphone – maybe he is. Those things don’t matter. Being a jacked, giant roided out pro-wrestler who beats on women, MANY times, DOES matter.

Sorry, Austin. I won’t pop for the glass anymore.

Read the Fox News/Debra interview

Read about the Tess Broussard incident

Possible Steve Austin mugshot Possible Steve Austin mugshot

14 thoughts on “Stone Cold Steve Austin – Alleged steroid using woman beater”

  1. Steve Austin paid the price for domestic abuse and its 8 years ago, get over it!
    self redemption is everything…if its such a big issue Debra should sue him! simple!

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  2. I am glad you won’t support him anymore. Sick of abusers and rapist (Roethlisberger) just get a little pat on the wrist and then all is forgiven. Bullsh*t! This is unforgivable.

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  3. all the women in the business like jacked up, steroid abusers. Now she talks about his steroid use to gain sympathy and tarnish his image. Not excusing what he did but not shocked either.


  4. How could you blame steve??without knowing the actual truth….it could had been debra’s fucking act to disrespect him..dat fuckin whore


    1. I agree. Debra was only in the WWF because she was Jeff Jarrett’s valet, and became a transitional champion when Vince wanted to get the Women’s Championship off Sable and onto Ivory.

      And once Jarrett left for WCW with Vince Russo, Debra just floated around here and there, and even stumbled over her words when she was a guest ring announcer at Backlash 2000, as well as became Mick Foley’s lieutenant commissioner.

      Then came 2001, when the Vince and the bookers made the questionable decision to have Debra be The Rock’s manager in the buildup for Rock vs. Austin II at WrestleMania X-Seven (which I bet that Annoyed Critic does a review of in the near future, and calls it “WrestleMania X-Seven is overrated”). It gets worse, as when the Invasion reared its ugly head, Debra got WAY too much screentime, showing how void of charisma she really is.

      Thankfully, after the Invasion ended, Debra would leave the WWF around WrestleMania X-8 in 2002, and good riddance!

      Sorry if any of this sounds like I’m being a stuck-up hipster, but damn it, I have to say something about it because it’s driving me nuts.

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  5. Everyone is assuming that Debra is telling the truth it doesn’t matter how much WWE tried to keep it quiet something like that would have come out somehow, some whey has anyone considered she is bullshiting just for some attention.


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