10 Favorite NES Games


I loved my Nintendo Entertainment System. It was a great Christmas present and the games have become iconic in our culture. Here were my favorites:

5 thoughts on “10 Favorite NES Games”

  1. Whenever I start seeing the game gallery in the feed, I wonder what the title and cohesion of the article will be. While I don’t agree with some of the games like Game Genie 🙂 Its your list. I’m just surprised someone on the Internet said any sequel on Nintendo is one of the best games. Most netters just rage at them.

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    1. hahaha, it usually means I’ve been up for a while reading about games and decided to spend the time to put together a list of them. Later today, I’ve got the ten worst Genesis titles! (I don’t have 10 I like!)

      As for cohesion, you probably have noticed it is pretty wild around here!


      1. Ha! Even with the limited Wii downloads, we are still buying games and having a hard time deciding what we want to get. I so wish I had kept all of my old systems and games. It is truly hard to make a short list of great NES games.

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