Review: The Last Man on Earth – Episode 13 – Screw the Moon


This one turned out to be one of the first episodes for me that really dragged. It could have been my mood but that normally is never too good. The end was promising, though.

Tandy is verbally planning to murder Phil Miller. The new one. He is allied with Todd but he manages to fuck that up when he reveals a plan to murder new Phil that he actually used on Todd. Todd hates him, now.

Meanwhile, Carol is proud of fucking new Phil. Tandy wants to know why there wasn’t a wedding but Carol says it isn’t necessary if you aren’t having a baby.

New Phil finally decides, at a meeting where Tandy has a meltdown again, that Tandy needs to leave. After eating toilet paper for a while in a barricaded room, Tandy comes out and new Phil tackles him violently. He takes him outside of the city and leaves him with supplies for 2 days/20 minutes.

Just when things look hopeless, Carol shows up and Tandy, or Phil as he is again now, sings her his song. Screw the Moon. It isn’t too bad. Carol asks where he wants to go and they get back together! It is the easy highlight to an episode that felt a little dragged on.

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