Flex Seal SUCKS. It works nothing like advertised.


Flex Seal sucks. It looked like the coolest shit ever. Guess what? NOPE. It’s not anything like what they claim on TV.

For starters, there is nothing about this stuff you can’t get in a sealant in a squeeze tube. That is – unless you WANT a porous wet slime that takes a whole can to seal anything well and even then, probably won’t.

I had a plastic gas tank with a crack in it. I sprayed a coat over it and what happened? Most of it dripped off! Leaving a black stain over the tank. I resprayed and the same shit happened. When I sprayed a lighter coat, it would foam up and I wouldn’t get enough of a seal to cover anything unless I planned to do it 97 times.

Finally, I got the shit to APPEAR sealed. When I mowed my yard, nearly dying from being in such terrible cardio, it sprayed gas out. I was mad so I mowed the whole yard while screaming.

After coming inside to have a couple of heart attacks, I noticed all of the flex seal melted away. Fuck! So I had to reseal the entire thing. But this shit sucks. It’s the consistency of a slime.

I had to get an envelope and basically sculpt/smear the shit into place. Then, I thought “Well, I’ll spray a little on a crack on my city-owned garbage can” just for a little public service. It once again dripped like it was black water and when I finally got a smeared seal over it, it cracked in a day. Yep. The seal was really flexible.

This is a 100% lie unless that is a flat surface. You can NOT spray this stuff on a vertical surface.
This is a 100% lie unless that is a flat/ground surface. You can NOT spray this stuff on a vertical/walled surface.

This shit completely blows. I don’t know how they’re not in business yet but take a look at the big nose that sweats to death when shilling this stuff. He’s clearly on cocaine or has some kind of blood pressure problem. We know he’s not worried about a lawsuit, because he’s got about 6 months to live but as for the rest of this company, it needs to be investigated. Shit stuff sucks. Don’t get it.

Thumbs DOWN.


4 thoughts on “Flex Seal SUCKS. It works nothing like advertised.”

  1. Flex seal sucks I used it to seal around a leaky skylight on roof like this guy said takes a while can and 1 inch thick layer to cover then 4 months later roof leaked again so I went up and it was all cracked all the way around. Went and got some real roof cement.

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  2. i tried this stuff on the roof of a camper, it really sucks you can do as well or better with w d 40. no way does that dork run a boat with a screen bottom , spayed on it all day and still be dry, its a scam and the co . should be run out of bussiness.

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  3. Phil swift is full of dog shit his
    Product sucks more dicks then he does I tried the exact method showed on his bull shit informercial. Had a 1 inch crack in my water hose I sprayed as directed let cure and added a additional coat let dry 48 hours before use and guess what? Bam hose was still leaking. So I did his gutter test only I used brand new metal gutters that I just put up I drilled a 1/4 hole in one and applied 4 even coats over a week gave it 48 cure time this was in July the hottest part of the summer were I live 1st rain fall in November. To my surprise the fucking thing leaked if I ever ran into this scam artist on the streets I would punch him right in his cock sucker . Once again fuck flex seal…..đź–•


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