I played half a game on Madden 25 and deleted the game off my PS4


This game sucks. I barely want to write about it because I played it for such a brief period of time. Where do I even begin? For starters, every time I look away from the box art posted above, I think I see a football on the lower-right. Then, I look directly at it and it is just a football-shaped arm. That pisses me off.

It was evident from early on on that cold February night that something was amiss with the game of football. The players, appearing nothing at all like they should look on a next generation console, or even a last gen, walked out awkwardly to the field. Patting each other on an invisible barrier between the hand and the back, players prepared to throw a ball that did not once match the momentum of the movement.

Alright, enough of the NFL shit. When throwing a fucking ball, it leaves your hand faster than you threw it! Or slower. It looks ridiculous. The crowd is packed full of people wearing the same jersey, every four or five seats, so 20,000/50,000 people wore the same article of clothing – a statistical impossibility.

I am pretty sure there is a button that makes you fall down. All this button functions as is to make your player fall.

The menu is horrid. Has probably 9,000 options and some of them are the same end-result! Do I really need an option to press one button and begin playing? Besides morons, who plays like that? I want to set things up.

Anyway, the game wasn’t even mine so I would never have played it, except that my friend picked it up and brought it over. We played this years Superbowl – and played exactly two quarters. By the second quarter’s conclusion, my friend had told me he was taking the game back and I was secretly planning on never speaking to him again for bringing it over in the first place.

The controls are clunky junk, this looks like PS2 graphics and it’s painfully evident that this franchise runs on mindless automatons purchasing each year’s installment without regard to improvements or changes. EA is the worst company in videogames.

Madden 25 scores a 25 (out of 100).


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