Revisit: Batman: Arkham Origins continues to be trash

I didn't make this and couldn't find who did - but it's funny. If you made it, thanks
I didn’t make this and couldn’t find who did – but it’s funny. If you made it, thanks

The most popular article on this budding young Website thus far has easily been my destruction of Batman: Arkham Origins. Even though Google/Bing never show me in the search results because I am not in the illuminati, you keep finding the article and reading it, some even offering feedback. So lets journey back into Gotham, now that a few months have passed. Have things improved? Did WB: Montreal step up their game? No.

As I pointed out in oracle-like fashion months ago, Arkham Origins sucks and always will. It was a lesser game made by a lesser studio. Overwhelming despised in the Arkham community, the game was literally unplayable for many due to lost saves and glitches. Add that the developers chose to make this the most difficult Arkham game yet to complete, achievement wise, and it makes you wonder if they’re into sado-masochistic behavior.

I noticed a post on the Batman: Arkham page. Now, if you think this game is viewed as a “success” like it’s foolish fuck (single-player director) Eric Holmes does, explain this:


The first comment, which was indeed funny, got the most likes. But noticed what the next two most-liked replies were (and if you continued scrolling down, what you would see covering the page). Tons of complaints about the game. Do you know what those people are?

Eric Holmes thinks they’re trolls. However, they’re actually called

Unhappy Customers

See, Eric, you moron, when people buy your product and complain, they’re not trolling. Parting with money for something that isn’t working as advertised gives any human being reason enough to be mad. So even if a customer says “Fuck you, ugly mother fucker. Your game sucks and chances are, so does your stupid miserable life because you’re unwilling to admit to glaring mistakes even when everyone else alive sees them,” they’re still not ‘trolling.’ They’re complaining about a purchase in an industry that has, funny enough, been able to get stores to stop offering refunds for their products.

Making a purchase gives you the right to complain. If you reach a point where you are furious with a product because it does not work right, usually you can take it back. Video games are different, though, because it is a corrupt industry (like everything in America. This country sucks more each day). You can’t always get a refund on non-functional products and if you do, it takes a lot of work.

So when you reach that fury-level and want your money back, but can’t get it, where does your anger go? Well, if you’re like me, it goes to the people that made the shitty product. In this case, that is Eric motherfucking Holmes and WB Montreal, shit studio of the year.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include in this little dandy of an article that, thanks to poor sales numbers, the WiiU Season Pass is being refunded to players because they will now not be releasing further story DLC for the game. This is an added insult for fans who bought the game for that system, because it was also announced recent to the publication of this article that no further debugging or glitch fixing would be taking place on the game. I mean, why would you continue employing inept people to finish a title that already got all of its sales that it will get?

Multiplayer “developer” SplashDamage has continued to attempt to make that component of the video game playable, although it is considered widely the biggest failure of the Arkham Origins launch.

Here’s the page with multiplayer bugs and updates. Hey, now that the game has been out for 6 months, they almost have most of the online bugs fixed! Way to go guys! This is a great model for games – sell the game totally unplayable and broken, then spend the next 12 months fixing it. Of course, I’m not being serious here and this is actually an unsustainable business model that I will, today, predict will result in the closure of SplashDamage studios and the laying off of it’s staff, before the year is over. If they are still working on this GARBAGE almost 6 months after launch, and a “fix is coming” for a multiplayer that no one can use anyway, they’re not only going to be sinking unthinkable amounts of money into staff to work on a project that will not make them another dime – but will likely also not get played.

If a game gets released and it doesn’t work, people usually don’t wait 6 months and try again. They move on – permanently. This title was a failure from the launch to the end

Everyone involved in this project should be ashamed to tell people they worked on it. You’re wrong if you disagree.

3 thoughts on “Revisit: Batman: Arkham Origins continues to be trash”

  1. completely unimaginative! I like the story and the combat, but rest? NO! it’s garbage! cheap skins, more bugs then you could shake a stick at, same city, only remodeled and only slightly wider. would I recommend this? only if you haven’t played the last 2 games yet. 2 out of 10 for me.


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