Please stop posting gross things on Facebook, idiots


Lately, a disturbing trend on facebook seems to be happening where parents post photos of their childs bloody wound or cut, or in some cases, adults do. One man I know posted a photo of his diabetes foot rotting off. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO FINISH BREAKFAST AFTER THAT?

People are so ignorant and inconsiderate. Posting a picture of a child’s bloody cut on the head that we can see skull through might seem fine to you, but I wasn’t wanting to surf before beginning my day. What are people thinking? That we will like the photo or be impressed by it or maybe that we wanted to see all the blood?

I mentioned that guy posting his diabetic foot. I know him and it made me so mad, I reported him. That’s some nasty shit, a rotted up foot. In fact, any foot.


You should post things on Facebook that are only acceptable in a nice dinner setting. Talking about your turds, which I’ve seen posted (Facebook didn’t remove it), or anything else seen as unsavory conversation amongst others should be forbidden. Don’t be a fool!


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