10 Least Favorite NES Games


There were so many shitty NES games. The quality never was really checked on games and worst yet, often you would be advertised with some live action commercial featuring cool actors or scenes and would get home with a 2D turd that you couldn’t stomach. I’ll list some I feel like fall in that category.


4 thoughts on “10 Least Favorite NES Games”

  1. Oh I remember Double Dribble. That game was what I refer to as a computer cheater. You could ONLY pass to players on your own screen. Not the computer. It could pass to players off screen or an entire court away.

    One of my friends had Ghostbusters, we could only get to the staircase before the legendary walk then we’d just give up. Double Dare I didn’t know existed. Steel Cage Challenge I bought retroactively and the elbow / leg drop is the same animation ans a drop kick. Everything was so slow. It shouldn’t have been that tough to make a fun wrestling game or should I say beat’em up.

    Other than Bart vs Space Mutants, I’ve never played any of the others.

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    1. Double Dare was a piece of shit. It was available earlier on in the NES run, I think. Not much advertising, either.

      I managed to beat Ghostbusters, after many tries. I tried in the last few years and couldn’t even scratch the surface. It is so hard.

      Steel Cage Challenge was so bad. No animations. Wrestling games have been cursed over the years


      1. I used to love that show. As for Ghostbusters,, that’s what people want in a game hard. To even get the smallest bit further. Its done wonders for Dark Souls and Vulgorr the Viking.

        I’m not even sure wrestling games need animations. River City Ransom did a lot with no animations. Of course those guys all looked the same and I couldn’t imagine a block head square fisted version of the Hitman looking different. In my younger years when I used to program NES for the Lolz and practice I’d make a Double Dragon or Wrestling clone every week. Never got very far, but they were workable 🙂


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