Injustice: Mobile Edition sucks!!!


Injustice has its fun moments but the game sucks.

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One thing a game like this needs is great tap detection or swipe detection. Unfortunately, it seems to have neither. I routinely have to scream at the screen to get it to work (that helps right?).

If you decide to go online to play – get ready for insane load times! Longer than logging in to an MMO for every. Single. Loading. Screen. So if you go to characters or bonus missions by accident, you get a good old long ass load once again.

Blocking sucks in the game. It is pointless and you take 75% of the damage while not getting super powers.

So so so reliant on buying and obscenely expensive if you give in and do. One booster pack with three cards (that you’ll need to buy multiple versions of to make good) costs around 75 dollars (750,000 coins for the Arkham pack). Dumb!!!!

I’ve bought probably 20 gold packs. I have gotten ZERO Supermen. Nice thanks! But I got 5 Black Adams.


The graphics are ok but no facial expressions. Even when the character is speaking. It’s pretty high class in 2014-2015 to watch someone say “Shazam!” and have zero movement in the face. Just lazy.

The missions are insanely hard, the reliance on purchasing is too much and I even have purchase items only to have them vanish before. I had to call iTunes to get a refund on that shit. Don’t waste your time.

4 thoughts on “Injustice: Mobile Edition sucks!!!”

  1. This game sucks, hard. Made me lose a little respect for DC/WB letting those ridiculous purchase prices stand. The ONLY way to make this game fair for the player is to file share from someone who has purchased everything THEN beat the game, and even then it’s a pain in the ass (believe me, my old game had everyone unlocked and I had to get Darkseid, Doomsday, and Arkham Origins Batman to the TOP TOP card levels before beating the game. Ridiculous, income inequality is bad enough without “game” developers trying to pry money from your pockets. Injustice is an alright little game to play while you’re waiting in the doctors office, but don’t expect to beat it, at least not without looking stupid because you had to spend $100 to get people to the appropriate level. I’ve already deleted the game, shame on you DC/WB. You have failed this city!

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