Review: Hell’s Kitchen – Season 7


Time for another action packed review of Hell’s Kitchen. After this season, I seemed to have way more notes than I usually do following a season of a show. Enjoy.

They’re starting to do the fake thing a lot more. Where Gordon screams their name like he’s mad and then says “That’s cooked perfectly.

On the celebrity episode, everyone says “That’s actually good” and “It’s actually great.” As if they’re surprised it doesn’t suck. I’ve heard the food in Hells Kitchen was lame.

We learn Salvatore hasn’t even gone to school, explaining why he’s so dumb. At one point, he starts lying to Chef Ramsay. It actually causes a revelation for me. Stupid people can’t help but lie. They can’t keep from making poor choices and yet they are too full of shame to admit to their mistakes. Ramsay actually forgets about the whole competition during an elimination and sends this idiot home.

At one episode, they go to Sea World and talk to a dolphin. I swear they use a sound effect out of flipper. Same episode, Gordon dubs lines in a studio and they use them during conversations in the kitchen.

Nilka went nuts and had to be kicked out. I thought security might need to remove her.

When Jay and Snaggle Tooth Whore go up in the blimp, it shows how much blimps really suck. You can’t read the text on the LED. It takes off like straight up and goes 1 mile per hour.

Ben hurts his back and says it’s bad. While Ben says he can’t bend over, they show him bending over!!! In the same episode, Jay leads the hot plate as well as anyone I’ve seen.

In the finals, I recognize the audience members as extras, as one had shown her tits on Cinemax. The nasty looking Siovhan appears on the finals.

It shocked me that Holly won. She wouldn’t have if she didn’t have tits. Jay was far better but I think Gordon was fucking her. He called her “pretty eyes” at one point.


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