Review: Goosebumps – The Headless Ghost


Our next Goosebumps TV episode to look at is The Headless Ghost. This is actually based on a book that wasn’t one of the earlier stories that were published. The book itself first came with a tease for the Fox Kids TV show.

We open in what looks like the olden times. A kid with the most chapped lips ever then gets his head pulled off by a ghost.

We jump to modern times and we find out this was a tour guides story. The kids are fucking around so they get kicked out. Then they come back into the house, to find the head. The ominous sound effect plays. The sister is a little bitch, being mean to her brother for no reason. Everyone has a jerk sibling on this show.

The kids get kicked out again. A kid says he “sneaked in” instead of saying he snuck in. They meet a kid who is probably a ghost, and sneak back in for a third time.

This is turning into a decent episode, for this show. We get more ghost stories from the new kid. He locks them in a room and reveals that he is Andrew, the headless ghost. Just as he’s doing a big long diatribe that makes me thinks he’s stupid.

So the little brother opens the cubbies door and the episode goes to shit. The headless ghost falls out.


The tour guide old man wants to be alone with Stephanie, the sister. She says “What’s the worst thing he’ll do, lecture me?” Well that or rape.

He’s a ghost. So is the other kid. He almost traps Stephanie in a painting but the brother saves her and they run off. We learn he old man ghost keeps his tricks up on future peoples.


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