Review: Goosebumps – Monster Blood


Time for Monster Blood, Part 1 of course. I sometimes enjoy the pacing of these two partners a bit more but they can also be torturous. Who am I kidding – this show is torturous. But this ends up being two shows that are stand-alone, with cross-over characters. Kind of cool.

So in this episode, Catherine is nuts. She hates the dog and hates not having yellow teeth. Evan is told to stay out o the room across the hall. Which means go into it asap to a kid.

Old lady catches him and flips out. Locks the door to the cabinents.

Evan meets a girl in overalls. His dog eats up a magazine of hers. Then they go back into the room and pull out some monster blood. A cat teleports out.

The dog eats some of the monster blood and a fly lands in it. It starts to multiply and they scoop it up by hand, which couldn’t be a bad idea.

They see giant dog foot prints. The old lady figures out the kids were in the cabinet.

Helping to perpetrate animal cruelty, the evil lady is a cat. She morphs into a witch but Trigger the stupid dog saves the day.

Evan gets on the airplane telling another nerdy kid about the experience. They take off. Monster blood is in the stow of the plane spilling out for our to be continued.

What ever happened to the fly?

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