Zeitgeist: The Movie is half good, half stupid and all boring.

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Zeitgeist isn’t a movie and it isn’t all good, either. It brings up some great points and will keep you asking questions, which is a good thing, but it’s all over the goddamn place.

First, it pretty much lets you in on the secret that Christianity is a lie, a myth and has zero reality to it. I’ll give it good marks here.

Then, it goes to 9/11 and tells us that it was an inside job. It makes the case, too. If you don’t know your history, it seems absurd but for anyone that does, it seems absurd not to think it a possibility. It could never happen today, with the camera phones and shit that every human has…but in a time where only like 80 security cameras caught what hit the Pentagon, it worked. I don’t know that I completely believe the government but it’s difficult to do much more than ask questions, right now. We don’t know.

Then, we hear that the media and the whole governments plan is to keep the public uninformed. This is where it becomes fucking bullshit. We hear that the government is behind declining education because the federal level controls it. This is wrong. Feds only set standards but shitty states control it and they often suck. Also, poor school budgets aren’t helping matters. When you cut the fuck out of taxes and only tax the middle class, ie REPUBLICAN, you aren’t going to progress well. Progress…progressive…HINT HINT

So the documentary doesn’t break it down like that. Instead they blame everyone in government, which is absurd and hurts the credibility. The media isn’t coordinated by some single guy up top. Also, see if you can get someone who isn’t the most dull person ever to narrate it next time. I’ll do it, $50 an hour.

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