Rambo: First Blood is what cops are really like.


A guy minding his own business. A fucking prick cop. Guy gets arrested because he doesn’t suck the cops ass. Reality.

In Rambo, however, the guy blows the shit out of the entire town, beats up the entire police force, whispers in their ears sweet nothings (and that he could have killed them), survives a rocket launcher and lives just because his Colonel came in and asked him to please stop destroying everyone.

He was going to beat the U.S. Army if they didn’t stop him. This Colonel realized it. Who didn’t realize it?

Local hick sheriff guy who looked like a dick. I’m eating some ground beef that frankly, I don’t trust.

I really can’t tell you a lot about this movie except that it involves a lot of Rambo doing bad ass shit, then the cops or locals getting wiped out. Like I mentioned, Rambo obviously lives at the end of the movie because there are a bunch of sequels. I liked this movie for the most part and I’d give it about an 8/10. Know what I noticed though?

You never see Rambo from head to toe. I don’t think ever. Maybe from a distance. That’s because Sylvester Stallone is 3’9″.

Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone

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