Team Rocket is a poor business.


This business is a total money-pit. What are they even doing?

If you asked me to tell you one thing Team Rocket is usually doing, it is running around catching small animals in extremely elaborate and expensive machinery. In addition, they bring along a cat that can speak (very valuable) and has a gold coin on his head, likely valued at several thousand dollars. The cat also sounds Jewish.



An accident-prone young man (with blue hair, very unprofessional) and an airheaded young lady (with purple hair) seem to be at the forefront of this operation. They have an unripe obsession with a young fellow named Ash and his yellow mouse. I would theorize that these two fools have spent in the tens of millions of dollars, just to capture these two. And for what purpose? Are rats suddenly rare now? If these two are so important, I have a suggestion…



That would cost about $8 for some bullets and you could borrow the gun from your grandpa or something. Stop building rocket ships with robotic arms to capture this thing! It probably doesn’t even clean it’s own asshole and you know it shits all over the house so come on, use some sense, guys.

While we are at it, what is Team Rocket’s goal anyway? To take over the world? Really? You want Sudan? Because I don’t. You want Kenya? Because I bet you can have that for one of those ships. I don’t understand what this company even is doing.

And ROCKET is actually an anagram! A dumb one, too! Raid On the City, Knock out, Evil Tusks. Sorry, but I’m selling your stock, Team Rocket.

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