“Sim City Build It” is junk.

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“Sim City Build It” for mobile platforms is junk. Ain’t worth a shit.

The game is nothing like the Sim City you remember. Apple desperately wants me to type Sim Coty, too. You place residential zones but must grow them yourself by making vegetables, wood, screws or other items that progressively take more time to manufacture. Some items are combinations of other items! And some are combinations of those.

This doesn't happen. Also, the city just lights up. Not really alive.
This doesn’t happen. Also, the city just lights up. Not really alive.

The problem becomes quickly evident. You advance so far and then it is impossibly slow to go any further, because you have to craft so much to upgrade your buildings. Or you can use the Trade Depot. Endlessly refresh pages without options to search for what you want, needlessly eating up server bandwidth due to laziness found only in an EA studio. My definition of fun.


As you level up with experience, you are given new problems for your city to handle. You’ll go from having a 99% happy city to people moving out, instantly, because at level xx, you need a police station or a fire station. Losing all your tenants because you don’t have something you didn’t three seconds ago is stupid.

You think that is stunning? Let me introduce you to something...
“Stunning Graphics”

You think that is stunning? Let me introduce you to something…


I can’t write anything else about the game because there isn’t anything to do. You can do stupid cargo missions to earn keys and make schools or bus depots but they’re just another building that does little to inspire you.


Immensely boring, huge reliance on premium purchasing which I wouldn’t do for jack, and no interesting things to do after a few upgrades happen.

4 thoughts on ““Sim City Build It” is junk.”

  1. There are plenty of junk Sim City games since Sim City 4. Heck I think Sim City 4 on the Wii was awful and some other Sim Village on the Wii was too. Sim City for Facebook was awful, but its a Facebook game. Man I hope they stop living off the Sim City name and make it good again. Until then I’ll be playing Cities XL.


  2. Do not get this game……you will regret it. Stupid game and a waste of time. Read a book or spend time with a loved one. This game will eat your time…beware!!!! You have been warned. This game has so many problems. Especially switching between devices you will lose progress. You will also spend hours and hours, weeks, months on end for meager rewards. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

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  3. Sim city build it is for lazy gat bassed gaggots who have nothing but time to sit around and endlessly search for spit months on end just to upgrade one building one level…the game pretty much goes like this….search for crap for a month, eat up bandwidth, upgrade a building, shave like 50 times in between and be basically where you where when you started. Guck this game and guck you to !!!! I hate it. Simply impossible to play unless you end your life and devote tireless hours trying to play this game on super slow motion….like serous slow motion. Like people live forever…


  4. I agree. Why can’t ea make a Sims game that is fun.? Real life is work enough for me. I want to have fun ! I’m not going to constantly check to see if the factories need emptying and reloading. NOT FUN!

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