Review: The Last Man on Earth – Episode 3


The third episode of Last Man on Earth keeps the laughs going with Phil and Carol walking the aisle (or will they?) and all sorts of zany fun. Oh yeah, spoilers for the episode are ahead.

Carol keeping tabs on Phil is hilarious. Phil, later, returns the favor. That’s just how people in love are!


Phil does stuff all men want to do like burn things with flame throwers – but you know a girl would want to do a wedding, too. That’s what ends up making it work. Phil even becomes the President of the United States. Then, Carol sleeps with the President!

She’s weird in bed, huh?

The ending is another hilarious joke. Evidently, January Jones is still alive driving a limo, and Phil just married the least attractive woman alive. Now, if I were Phil, this would be easy. I would explain that repopulation dictates that I have children via every woman, especially the attractive ones because we need more of those. The Carol’s would probably get one kid, just to lull them over. BTW Sonic, thanks for the burnt Texas toast, dicks.

So by Episode 3’s conclusion, we now know there are (at least) 3 people still alive. What do you think? More women? More men? Kids (hopefully not)? Dogs (hopefully not)? I’m hoping we get lions that are cool with people riding them. It’s a long shot.

One thought on “Review: The Last Man on Earth – Episode 3”

  1. The show has become total shit and is catering to the only plot tag it knows how.

    Guy tries to get with hot girl, keeps getting rejected and has to settle for weird chick.

    The last 3 episodes has followed this format.


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