People in Hollywood who stink


I was doing a little research and came up with a list of people who reportedly stink in Hollywood. No surprise – most of them are people are I can’t stand.

Rob Pattinson – From Twilight and nothing else except stupid magazine covers, the report is that this piece of shit doesn’t shower, perhaps ever. He’s a dumbass and looks like one. If I had to be around him, I’d tell him the choice would be a shower or a knuckle sandwich. I don’t care how much money he’s worth. He’s a loser.

Brad Pitt – Apparently, he stinks. Also, he’s with Angelina Jolie who previously married dirty-dick Billy Bob Thorton. She’s a gross dumpster. So Brad probably isn’t doing himself any favors by being in her clam.

Courtney Cox – Smells like armpit stench and also, is fucking ugly. Who like’s her besides her loser husband?

Cameron Diaz – Gross whore who I hate and get sick anytime I see her. Also, she stinks and is nasty, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. I think I’ll watch Batman and Robin after this and review it/fall asleep.

Johnny Depp – Hasn’t showered in over 30 years, from reports. Wow.

Julia Roberts – Hippie bitch who goes days without showering because she wants to save water. Who cares about water. It’s going to naturally recycle itself through his little process called raining. What a bunch of idiots.

Megan Fox – Forgets to flush the toilet after she shits, which pisses me off. Also, doesn’t clean her nasty ass self. Brian Austin Green is a garbage grit and so is this clubbed-toe thumbed idiot.

Britney Spears – Looks gross and reportedly is. Guarantee she stinks like a sick animal.

Kesha – Aside from being a cum-dart board, she’s drank piss and she’s had more dicks in her than she would need to look like a cock-porcupine.

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