Review: Goosebumps – Stay Out of the Basement Part 1


Back for some more Bumps. This time, it is another episode that split a single, short kids book into two episodes. The quality suffers, too, not that this show ever was that great to begin with.

The little kid has a varsity jacket with a patch on it bigger than the jacket. We learn dad is a fired botanist from the university. The father screams as loud as a parent could to stay out of the basement.

The basement makes a bunch of noise. The girl can’t wait to fuck up and run down there. Looks like Poison Ivy’s lair. The girl pricks her finger after a jerk plant grabs her. Some tense moments as dad shows up at the perfect moment.


Dad offers to explain what’s up to calm them down but then he just said I can’t explain!

Lots of drawn out tension between the crazy scientist father and the kids. He serves them a bowl of what looks like spinach artichoke dip. Then tells them to eat it. It seems like they realized they would run out of books if they didn’t start splitting episodes up.

A vine creeps up behind one of the nosey kids and that is our to be continued moment. Really?! This episode probably put some jobs in jeopardy.

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