Jimmy Swaggart is pure evil (if there is such a thing)


Jimmy Swaggart is the worst type of evil. He exploits people with religion while not even following his own lie-filled sermons. If God existed, this man would have been killed by a lightning bolt.

Swaggart is a televangelist. That’s when someone gets on TV and asks for your money, so they can pray for you. The scam is that these people lie and say god speaks directly to them, so the fools think they have a chance of getting their prayers answered. These types know they’re lying or they’re entirely insane. Problem is, most are sane enough to keep up the act, meaning it’s a lie.

We know Swaggart didn’t believe in his myth book, though, not just based on the lies but based on his affinity for whores.

Swaggart likes getting him a whore and fucking her, but not without paying her as little as possible, according to news stories. He’s been arrested twice with a prostitute. His response? “The Lord told me it’s flat none of your business.”

Also none of our business - what Swaggart describes as his "modest two bedroom cottage." As seen here.
Also none of our business – what Swaggart describes as his “modest two bedroom cottage.” As seen here.

This lying piece of shit. He is blatantly lying. He doesn’t even think god told him that. Obviously, god didn’t tell him shit because he never tells anyone anything. Get it out of your mind, that way if you ever see a burning bush talking to you, you know to immediately go to an oncologist because you probably have a brain tumor. Psychiatrist, minimum.

Story goes that Swaggart allegedly tried to get a prostitute to let him fuck her 14 year old daughter. “I would pay $50 for her.” Makes me so sick.

I hate his man. I really wish the worst on him, but that’s meaningless. His current network is the SonLife Broadcasting Network. Should be SinLife. Only a FOOL would follow him.

11 thoughts on “Jimmy Swaggart is pure evil (if there is such a thing)”

  1. Wow Only 4 comments lol! Meanwhile Jimmy Swaggart is thriving. He is in good health, has a beautiful family, and is still serving the lord! I will pray for you.!


  2. For the people who r saying bad stuff about Jimmy S shame on y’all no one is here to judge him or anyone but god and god loves us we are his children so u ask for forgiveness he will forgive you…….. God bless you all


  3. Add ’em up. All of these televangelists Whether its Jimmy Swaggart/Creflo Dollar/Oral Roberts/Jesse Jackson/Garner Ted Armstrong etc etc. Everyone is a conman and only looking to make a dishonest dollar. Everyone of these motherfuckers would steal the coppers off their dead mother’s eyes. enuff said. Just my humble opinion. As PT Barnum said [a sucker is born every minute]


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