Review: Goosebumps – Be careful what you wish for!

Be Careful What You Wish For

The Bumps are back for the second episode of season two. Be careful what you wish for!

Some klutz named Byrd is playing girls basketball when the kids get mean and she almost dies. She wants to strangle Judith, she actually says. Then a weird adult picks up Byrd. She offers Byrd some wishes after an inadvisible car ride with an unknown adult.

She wishes to be the best on the ball team so everyone else gets sick that night.

She wishes everyone would buzz off and they all turn into horrible special effect flies. They look like a cereal commercial.

Then we see plastic flies. Then the succubus grants the third wish – making very thing go back to normal, except Judith worships Byrd. Byrd has yella teef. But Judith goes nuts and stalks Byrd.

Byrd talks to Succubus and wishes that she had never met the crow lady – but that Judith would have met her instead. Judith wishes to be admired and becomes the single ugliest statue in TV history.


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