The Last Man on Earth – Episode 6


Episode 6 of The Last Man on Earth once again changes the entire dynamic of the show. What began as a show with an individual man has now grown to a cast of 4.

“Some friggin fat dude” begins where we left off last episode, with Phil and Melissa about to have a little romantic sexy time. The fat guy shows up and immediately wins Melissa over, it seems.

Our entire episode is spent with Phil trying to make Melissa hate Todd. Finally, toward the end, Phil lets Melissa see the true side of him and all of his “face-balls” at the bar. He confesses he is falling in love with her and for a moment, we think she might feel it too. Then she says she never would reciprocate. Phil says he wants to know how that line would sound on Carol because he was testing it. But we can’t help but wonder…will these two find something together, or is it all senseless tease!

Just as the show had reached a point in episode 5 where I wondered where it would go, it introduced Todd and gave us another wacky angle and character to get to know. The show dynamic continues to change. It has remained funny this long…but I also seem to get the feeling that it can’t last. Why is that? I am enjoying the hell out of the show.


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