Joel Osteen is a piece of shit.


Joel Osteen is a piece of shit.

He doesn’t even preach from the Bible. He just makes up stuff that sounds good! Wait that’s what they did in the Bible and it doesn’t even sound good now.

Olsteen will pray for you for money. He will sell you a book. He will sell you a ticket to a sermon. Oh the money only goes to cover expenses! Like all of his bills, $10,000 suits, a mansion, cars, etc…He’s gotten into some shit over it, too, all because he is a NON-PROFIT. That needs to change.

ttps://”> Joel Osteen’s modest house. 10.5 million dollar mansion.

[/caption]His wife said she thinks you should worship God to make you feel better. Wake up.

Osteen is worth $40 million. Congratulations if you’ve ever supported him – you’re dumb.


5 thoughts on “Joel Osteen is a piece of shit.”

  1. Dear America, Please educate your people. You have a bad reputation around the world for being backward and stupid. Here’s what I see. 1% of you control 43% of your wealth. If your intention is to keep your citizens uneducated you have succeeded.


  2. …and he is most deffenitelty a porn addict at best. If not an active baby raping homosexual vampire murderer at worst, like the majority of greedy, power hungry, leaches who run shit here while us slaves dilligently foot the bill.

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  3. Joel Osteen is worth a lot more than forty million. His first book sold… ten million copies… and at twenty a pop even if he only got ten percent of THAT jacket price… that’s twenty million. And he has many books. And Victoria jumped on the wagon. And all of his family… kids and brothers and sisters are all on the ministry payroll bandwagon. People are desperate for hope and a place to turn.


  4. Fuck Joel Osteen. And fuck the GODDAMN lies of Christianity and all other religions. I fucking hate the ignorance of mankind. It is ironic that religious folks who deny evolution are, through their catastrophic ignorance, providing ripe evidence that we are merely highly evolved animals.


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