Review: The Last Man on Earth – Episode 8 – Mooovin’ In


Episode 8 takes is forward in our story a little more with another living addition to the cast – A COW!!

Phil discovers it, expecting this to be a game changer in his war with Todd. Unfortunately, he’s lactose intolerant and the other three want to keep the cow alive for milk. Great stuff.

Cracks me up still.
Cracks me up still.

“Did you really learn that on your farm or during your summers as a male prostitute?” Phil asks at one point, causing me to erupt laughing as loud as I could.

Phil let’s the cow go after sneaking in to get some milk because he wasn’t really lactose intolerant. Everyone freaks out and Melissa thinks, correctly, that Phil did this. The cow escapes the bar (stomping Gary in the process) and Todd finds it – but let’s Phil take the credit. Ole Toddster.

Carol hatches a devious plot to move in by dragging the cow upstairs in her (now previous) house. Oh and she has sleep apnea…


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