Review: The Last Man on Earth – Episode 11 – Moved To Tampa


Things are finally looking up for Phil, with everyone realizing he had only been married for two weeks. Mary Steenburgen wants Phil to get in her Clayton Ravine at 3 PM while the Hot Aussie Whose Name I Never Hear Over The Fantasies is looking to go hiking a few hours later. Of course, we all sort of know it’s another thing that ends in “-king.”


So Phil realizes he has a good thing going and goes outside of town to change a billboard, telling potential interrupters that he moved to Tampa. One problem. The ladder falls off of the billboard. Now, most billboards have a built in ladder but we will accept this. It’s possible. Ends up being funny. He’s trapped there ALL day.

Carol asks the girls what’s up and realizing Phil missed a hook up chance, assumes he must be dead. Just then, someone else shows up with Phil Miller. His rescuer. A handsome adult black male named…

Phil Miller. Yes, they have the same name. Phil is screwed – also meaning he correctly anticipated what was to happen, if not foiled by the bad ladder. I’m starting to think this is all a nightmare for our Phil.

So new Phil and Phil are quickly put into a contest over who gets to keep the name. New Phil gets to keep his name while old Phil has to go by his middle name. It is….


Right about now, I really love this show. It is funny. I look forward to what it will do each week.


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