Wrassling for mobile platforms is fun – for about ten minutes.


Wrassling is a game I found on the App Store that basically simulates a battle royale in wrestling. There are bosses and events and it all can be kind of fun. For about ten minutes.

The game is a NES-bit take with you having one arm and it moving clockwise, fully extended, or counter clockwise.

If you accidentally hit the jump button, and it will be an accident after the first time you use it, you jump the equilivant of me leaping above the *World Trade Center * Freedom Tower from the sidewalk. Holding this down, you can do super fast arm spins.


You can also unlock hats.

The game has a great menu if you already know what all the buttons do, otherwise I hate it.

Like I mentioned, I got bored with it fast. I only reviewed it so I could justify deleting it.

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