Review: Fury


Fury is a World War 2 movie starring Brad Pitt. He’s all like I gotta kill Nazis cause he hates them. It’s violent and brainless. It sucks and is a stupid person’s movie.

Brad Pitt stabs a Nazi in the eye in the opening moments of the movie. He’s got a thing against them.

I like when the tank runs over the Nazi’s head and it pops.

Norman does a girl then she gets blown up in front of him. Good thing they did it! And to think – he didn’t even need to pull out.

The Nazi’s all look like sickly vampires. Evil chanting music when we see them.

The entire final death battle sequence was stupid to an embarrassing extent. It proved to me that this was a stupid persons movie. Brad Pitt gets shot about 98 times and then delivers a dying speech.

Norman survived improbably. I really hated this movie and that’s from a WW2 history buff. That’s just a fascinating time to me and reflects so much to be considered for future generations. But then you dumb it down for a shitty, dumbass action movie and it lessens what the war was about.

Wars aren’t about good guys killing bad guys. It’s about good guys killing good guys. Everyone thinks they’re right. Obviously, one side is usually more wrong than the other but it is never that simple to the people fighting. We must constantly examine what we choose to fight for. Why? We can’t control what others do but we can prevent ourselves from ever being evil. That’s a goal worth our attention.

Or you can make a stupid shut movie about it. Also this is the dirtiest movie ever maybe.

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