Review: Leprechaun Origins


Leprechaun Origins is the latest movie by WWE films. WWE films is quickly becoming the new Lionsgate, in that everything they make is total trash. This movie surprised me – it actually made trash look like gold.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead. Although this movie is so bad, it won’t matter.

At one point, a girl tells her friend that she wanted her masters in history since she was like 2. No one under 18 even has ever heard of a masters degree.

The guy falls asleep with the chick on top of him, which I’ve done before. Girls think that they can be entertaining just by being on you but it takes more than that.

The Leprechaun apparently needs to feed on all the kids/young adults to leave the village alone…not just one, or most of them. All. Of. Them. (we never see him eating anyone).

He’s strong enough to throw bodies around and rip people open, but not strong enough to break a car window open or kick the oldest door in history open.

The chick swings an axe at her friends face. I laughed really hard and woke my dog up who wasn’t happy.

Is Hornswaggle even in this movie?


Ripping out the spine was pretty cool. Why these idiot keep hiding is beyond me. All of the girls keep making the loudest noises ever, sobbing an whimpering and crying. Chicks I know can be so sneaky, they can hear you from the other house on the road and be silent as long as they need to sneak.

If this movie cost more than a dollar to make, I would be surprised.

Guy comes in making as much noise as possible, missing every shot. Most of the deaths are not even gratifying. We get some blurry stupid camera effects like in Goosebumps.

For no reason, the monster ignores the villager that saves the girl, after killing the old jerk, to chase the girl some more.

The monster gets in the truck bed but can’t kill her now because…because. Truck won’t start cliche after they wreck.

Fuck you Lucky Charms,” quite possibly the worst movie line ever. Then she kills him and we learn there are a bunch more after her. Wow, what an awful movie this was.

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