Review: Brewster’s Millions


Brewster’s Millions is a story of how you can give $30 million to a black man and he’ll still be broke in a month. Actually, it’s about a guy who has to spend money to inherit it.

Richard Pryor plays Brewster, someone who sucks at baseball and has an old rich white uncle. They joke about the white part.
For 30 days he spends what seems like 3 years spending money, with no explanation as to how any of his employees will be getting paid in a month’s time.
John Candy does a pretty lame job in this as a sidekick. He felt lackluster to me in a lot of roles, though. I never feel like he adds a lot. Bland. I’d give him a 6/10 charisma stat if he were in WWE 2K15 (which sucks).
Brewster finally spends it all but the shady lawyer saves $20,000 – with a plan to get 1/3rd of $300 million. Like that would be legal or even close to doable. Commissioner Gordon actor gives Brewster all the money after he and the weird-ethnicity accountant write a receipt down to the last…possible…second. It’s pretty dumb.
But the movie itself is one of my favorites. I laugh a lot at it to this day, since it holds up pretty well. It’s a must see movie if you never have watched it.

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