I’m mad that Hulk Hogan is inducting Macho Man Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame


The news was the best from WWE in a while – finally, Randy “Macho Man” Savage would be going into the WWE Hall of Fame. Then, we immediately learned who would induct him – glory hog, Hulk Hogan. Total BS.

Everyone who knows anything about Macho Man knows he hated Hulk Hogan.


Not through storylines, either. Macho Man disliked Hulk Hogan because Hulk was a coward and treated him with disrespect. He talked about it here:

Savage also hated Hulk because he contributed to the divorce between Elizabeth and Randy Poffo. The real life marriage. Hulk, notorious for having sex with others’ wives, likely had sex with Elizabeth, perhaps in a 3-way with his manly wife (at the time), Linda.


Hulk also apparently is a coke head, according to the late Ultimate Warrior. This video, which has the shittiest music ever, is the Warrior telling the story:

As soon as Savage died, Hulk claimed they had reconnected and mended fences. Maybe they did encounter each other…but I don’t think they reconnected to the extent that Savage would want this bastard inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame. Terry, it’s time to walk away.

Savage, telling Hogan how much of a suck loser he is.
Savage, telling Hogan how much of a suck loser he is.

UPDATE 1/16: There is new evidence that Hogan and Savage were, at best, civil. “Russo noted that when he met with Savage, Savage made it clear to him that he was not on good terms with Hulk Hogan. Russo said that while Savage and Hogan may have patched up their relationship, that their relationship wasn’t going to be back to where it once was. Russo said that “at best” both men were being civil.”

See the full story right here – External link to WrestlingInc.com


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