Krispy Kreme Klub – Or KKK – Offends – but their donuts suck, so who cares.

No chocolate donuts allowed
No chocolate donuts allowed

Krispy Kreme donuts recently ran an oblivious marketing campaign for the Krispy Kreme Klub. No harm there. However, they ran a promotion for “KKK Wednesday” which really did piss some people off.


That offended people so bad, Krispy Kreme has decided to launch an internal investigation as to how it happened. Let me help you guys out, who are doing the investigating. Someone took the letters from your dumbass company name and put a third K-spin on it, because I’m guessing in Europe, the KKK isn’t as big of a deal.

I get it, it is offensive to brothers and sisters of “culah” in America (just like that sentence was). It wasn’t intended to be, though. The only thing we should be pissed at Krispy Kreme over?

Their donuts suck.

The donut isn’t even a donut as much as it is candy. There are two types of KK donuts. Shitty premade kinds that are sold in supermarkets (I’m talking about these are worse than Hostess donuts) – and the kind they make in the store, which are decent enough when they’re freshly made. They’re still too sugary though. I don’t want DIABEETUS from eating a donut and you know I’ll be eating about 34 anyway when I go in there, so I need to think about living passed the next hour. I just don’t like the overly sweet shit, truly. Dunkin Donuts is a dirt hole full of health code violations so I don’t care for them, either.

I like the small operations that really put effort into making good, tasty donuts. I don’t think I have any examples, really. You know there are some local people who can just nail a donut. Haha, that’s kind of a sex joke.



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