Jesse Ventura is an idiot.


You know, I grew up as a wrestling fan sort of liking Jesse Ventura…but the guy is an idiot. Anytime he opens his mouth now, I know there is a pretty strong chance he will say something stupid.

I actually have shook Jesse Ventura’s hand, before. I was at an event and we shook hands as he walked by. My friend also shook his hand. We both looked at each other immediately and said “What was wrong with his hand? It felt cold and dead.” And it truly did feel like someone laid an old fish in our hands when he walked by. It was limp. It wasn’t a grip I could respect. It just sucked. And I think that is because Jesse sucks.

Hey, pit stains. Minnesota elected this guy as governor. What a state.
Hey, pit stains. Minnesota elected this guy as governor. What a state.

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I could get over the fact that he sued the wife of the American Sniper Chris Kyle. Kyle said he punched Venturas lights out and may or may not have, who gives a shit. We’re talking about a fake pro-wrestler so you’re allowed to lie about them or at least, should be. But Venutra won and beat her out of millions.

What got me recently about Jesse, though, were his stupid comments about vaccines. “I don’t like the idea of mandatory vaccines from government. I’d rather face the problems than to have government getting control of this Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura.”  Jesse Ventura. Really Jesse? You would rather face the black plague or measles or polio again?



You can’t seriously say that we shouldn’t be getting vaccines for horrible diseases, because some Playboy whore thinks there is a .001% chance that the child that came out of her wrecked vagina was retarded – or autistic – over getting vaccinated. Have you considered maybe just maybe the genetics were screwed up? I saw Jenny McCarthy’s vagina from behind during the Fappening leak and, well, I don’t usually show porn on this site, but how about an exception. Here’s the goods. Warning – skip past the image if you don’t want to see a graphic pic.

Jenny McCarthy Fappening Photo
Jenny McCarthy Fappening Photo

So Jesse Ventura shares opinions with Jennifer McCarthy. Says a lot.

You really never know what Jesse is going to say or where he might stand on something. Sometimes, I am left scratching my head saying “Ok, so what the hell does he want us to do about a Central Bank? Storm the place with pitchforks?” Although Obama was pretty lousy, I’m so glad Jesse didn’t run for President in “2000 and 8” like he said he might at Wrestlemania XX. The guy is a first class nut.



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