King of Thieves gets old, fast


King of Thieves is a game that takes a fun premise and shits on it with premium money grabbing. The title should be the name of the studio.

To attack anyone, you must open a bunch of locks – of course that run out and you will need to purchase. Or you can watch ads which is just about as bad – but there is a limit to that. Then you must quit or buy.

This represents the next two hours of gameplay.
This represents the next two hours of gameplay.

The game itself consists of a fun concept, where you build a level by running it twice in a row and then it becomes your base – until you use up your totem, to craft gems, which exist to show your rank. What always happens is a good player will run an impossible layout so much, they can perfect the exact timing it requires to beat it – but others won’t be able to in time to steal anything.

In other words, when people catch on to how to properly do this, everyone will be screwed to get anything.

Now, oddly enough, you must win the league to be able to join a guild. 1/15 people will get to join guilds or clans every few days. I don’t think that’s going to stick.

If you asked me to describe the gameplay, it’s really just a black guy in a bandanna or wild outfit stealing shit from others. But the weird choices that limit gameplay and progression without paying are constantly turning me off. You might like it at first but be ready to be let down.

How would you describe this?
How would you describe this?


3 thoughts on “King of Thieves gets old, fast”

  1. Well…your prediction was almost correct. Everyone figured out how to do the impossible levels and now nothing is safe anymore! It doesn’t matter how hard your level is, gems WILL get stolen. Every single fucking ritual. And I didn’t just have hard levels. I had the kinds where they were literally impossible. Unless you were INSANELY persistent. So now you have to pay money to not get everything stolen. And they are capitalizing on it because it has somehow become EASIER for people to steal a gem with only 1 star and a sliver of a chance on the spinner.

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  2. Reviewer? You are a muppet. You have missed many of the clever nuances but more importantly, you think the dev has been put on this planet to serve you with free games. Don’t play it if you don’t think it’s value for money but don’t hack on the quality of the game because you need to play. Muppet.


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