Dictator: Revolt sucks.


I feel like a broken record sometimes but I’m just giving you my honest take. This game is 1/10 on a scale that I could have said it was a 0/10.

Dictator sucks. Rapes your eyes with premium prompts. Has the gall to charge you for advices that are one time use. Cheaply makes you click ads when youre not expecting them. Prompted to rate the game until you do. This is what I rate it when that happens:


The goal is to keep your people happy – but not too happy. The people, the oligarchs and the popo are the factions and you decide on choices that influence them. You’re presented with what are usually pretty ridiculous choices that universally piss someone off or make someone happy. Or sometimes, you do like me and fuck up and piss the whole lot of them off.


Now, if I choose to spend money on a game, I want something tangible and permanent. Not a consumable one-time use game advice that is barely worth using once.

The key to the game is just to make the people as happy as possible. You use your money to jail or make-happy the oligarchs and keep the police neutral by avoiding them. Don’t make your people too happy or they’ll revolt, for no reason. Not using this strategy will limit you to about 10 turns. It is the only way to properly play the game. So once you figure out the trick, what is the point?

The game just sucks. All the while glorifying what it is to be a militant dictator.

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Dictators aren’t great people, either. For one, their names begin with “dick” so you know they’re probably going to be dicks. They are responsible for the worst things in history. So sure, I think it is awesome to get to play as them but for the sake of complaining, oh yeah, that’s just awful.

Look how many people who probably deserved it have died throughout history, thanks to dictators:


So while they’ve done a great favor crime for history to forever remember, I do think it is fine to make games about them. I’d like to see a game where you got to play as one of the above.

That game is not this game. This game is a cheap ad-prompt filled turd. You will be about to tap a choice and suddenly, you’re waiting on the download to load for Casino Card game or Unicorn Princess puzzle game.


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