Hey Germans – Nice Going with Hitler.

German citizens, just happy with Hitler.
German citizens, just happy’in with Hitler.

Germans should feel shame for the whole Hitler thing. Yall fucked us on that one.

I like how we all act like the Germans are known for Great Engineering. It’s like “Great Engineering __ ___ ________” and we’re just supposed to forget those blanks out to the right. “OF WAR MACHINES” you tools!!


The Germans, twice, have gone nuts and almost taken over the world in about 5 years. Angela Merkel, Hitlers daughter, might go nuts any day. Please don’t Angela. You’re beautiful.


They outlawed Nazi imagery and many suck shit companies refuse to acknowledge the material in their productions. Well, it’s pretty big everyone. Just because they’re embarrassed doesn’t mean we need to forget it.

Also that helps us to remember what happens when the government uses an act of terror to justify taking the guns and rights of the citizens, so they couldn’t resist when the NAZI institution began executing people they didn’t like. Almost sounded like 9/11 for a second there…


Germans – dumb or twisted fucks. Take your pick.

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