Review: Aliens on the Moon – The Truth Exposed


I started watching this and had to stop at one point because I got scared. Anyway, I finished it and it actually ended up being pretty good.

You don’t have to believe it but aliens exist, somewhere in the universe. Statistically, just from our galaxy, there are said to be 10 BILLION terrestrial planets like ours. Class M for Trekkies. You want to tell me Earth is the only one of 10 BILLION to ever have intelligent life? What about the 500 BILLION other galaxies? Don’t be a moron.

So with the possibility of life on other planets being impossible to deny, what if we learned that said alien life was so advanced, it existed in our backyard and maybe even kept watch over us, like on the moon? That is pretty much the premise of this documentary style conspiracy film, which raises many legitimate questions while stretching reasoning on many occasions.

We see many times where film has been altered under the theory that the public isn’t ready to know. The film suggests the government is enacting this cover-up style behavior and I don’t necessarily doubt that. If you showed the public that we weren’t the only life in the galaxy (or solar system!) then instantly, a lot of stupid people would lose it. Their religions wouldn’t make sense anymore (they don’t anyway but you can’t tell a dumb person that he’s dumb). It would just be a lot to grasp.

We hear from Buzz Aldrin, who seems to not want to talk about conspiracies at ALL and we hear from many others, on all sides of the debate.

Overall, I enjoyed watching it and appreciated the questions it raised with the evidence present. Give it a watch. It’s mostly crazy shit but it has some value to watch from an entertainment perspective.


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