Review: Legends House – Episode 2


Tony and Hacksaw’s fight stuff goes down. I really wanted to see them fistfight but it never happens.

Duggan and Piper are talking and the second fart FX plays

The girl walks into the house again and for the second episode in a row, almost falling on the steps and just as awkward as a blind man on stilts.

Tony Atlas is not a fan of horses. I don’t think most black people are. But they bring golf carts out. This actually becomes a darn good game! About 8 minutes is devoted to if a goal will count when an opposing teams cart broke. The ref instantly settled it in a 3 second sound byte at the end, making all the debate pointless! But funny. Even a little class WCW shit footage gets included!

The game is tied after two halves! And I won’t spoil who wins. But the losing team must face consequences. On a UFC show, those would be waiting on the other team. But this is Vince McMahon, who likes shit humor. And sure enough, the consequences involve shit.

We finally get to see how Jimmy Hart does his hair. It’s funny.

Tony Atlas is charming and lovable. He talks a lot though.

“Epperoni Pizza” – Pat Patterson

“That poor Piper off always pissed off” – Tony Atlas

Mene Gene is getting PISSED at Jimmy Hart. “Blow it out your ass” he says! “How about that can of beans?!” Gene says and I can’t stop laughing at that moment. I’ve replayed it 10 times and laughed harder each time. You can see Gene looking at the camera and holding back.

These guys are all such characters! And Tony Atlas (with assists from the others) saves the day with a BBQ. He and Hacksaw even get along. But will it last?

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