Review: Goosebumps – Go Eat Worms!

One of my favorite book covers.
One of my favorite book covers.

Go Eat Worms! is our next episode. It’s a bad one.

Some kids are getting into trouble in the basement. They put worms in one of the boys little sisters things and she freaks out.

My iPhone is pissing me off so bad I could break it. Todd trades his lunch with his friend who eats a worm and hates him forever.

Bitch mom goes into his room and he’s obsessed with worms. Somehow the worms are traveling around his house with amazing speed we never see, because anytime we see one, they’re stationary. The kid wakes up with worms all over him. He does a really bad scream face.

His mom blames him. She’s dumb. We keep seeing worms do a periscope thing out of the dirt.

The kid goes to collect more worms and falls into a cave, Bruce Wayne style. It has green and blue lighting in it and we see the worms are watching him. “Todd we will make you squirm” is written the wall by worms.

Todd falls on the worms and then gets attacked by a giant worm. He escapes it but it comes out of the ground like a turd coming out of an asshole. The girls robin craft thing scares it off.

Todd takes all the worms out of his house but what about the ones in the vents?

The worms seem to leave Todd alone and he moves onto fishing. He wants to do cruel science experiments on them, but he takes a bite of a sandwich with a rope hanging out of it. The fish reel him in and he begs forgiveness again. They give it to him. He also seems unphased by a hook piercing his mouth.

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