Review: Goosebumps – Let’s Get Invisible!


Let’s Get Invisible sounds like Lets Get Physical. I really think the shows low quality hurt the aura of the brand.

We start the show out with a couple of generic kids in an attic, getting scared by a dick in a mask. They find a hidden room. Max vanishes. Reappears. Shit about left handers. What am I doing with my life?

We get to listen to my least favorite sound ever, gargling. Makes me sick. I’m enjoying my favorite soda tho.

So the two kids who part their hair down the middle turn invisible. They can’t see the food in their own stomachs either. So we know there must be a drawback.

We have a good mix of diverse friends. The kids start taking longer to reappear after pulling the invisible switch. This would be the most awesome military weapon.

The girl throws a string at the pull switch and it ties in a knot around it, so she can pull it. He reappears but he almost died I think. Noah lies with his fingers crossed, because gods holy command of thou shalt not lie is thwarted by two wrapped fingers.

Noah uses the invisible shit and eats with the family. He suddenly disappears. Then Max sees him and it’s kind of creepy.

Max goes through the mirror and his reflection wants to swap with him. They fight. The black kid fights the asian girl. Max reappears, frozen. So does the black kid. The Asian girl breaks the mirror, but we see it reconstructing.

Noah is still evil and the mirror is fine. Bam we are done!


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