Review: Groundhog Day


Groundhog Day is one of those movies I’ve seen a million times. It is a “Go to Sleep” movie which will not upset me or my precious balance before I fall asleep to begin dreaming about sex with models. Those are the best. Groundhog Dog Day Out is great.

For starters, why is the movie great? Well, I will tell you why MOTHERFUCKER.

It was directed by Egon.

Spengs directed it
Spengs directed it

Harold Ramis, the late comedic genius himself, was the director of this movie. This was just after Ghostbusters 2, which was a childhood favorite of mine that I didn’t realize sucked. So I also liked that Bill Murray was in it. He IS the movie. He plays a TV weatherman jerk named Phil, which isn’t far from the truth depending on how big the TV market is. People who are on TV get egos about it, or a lot of them do anyway. Fucking pathetic.

So he has to go to Gobbler’s Penis to do Groundhog Day and gets snowed in. He keeps waking up everyday repeating the same shitty day. The story continues sort of like someone making an annoying noise, where it is funny, then annoying, then funny again, then annoying again. I’m not saying the movie is annoying – but for Phil, He first indulges and sort of loves that he can do anything. Then, it depresses him because he is trapped forever. We don’t even see how many days he lives out but based on the skillsets he picks up and the things we see, it must have been thousands. Maybe more. The guy spent YEARS in this single day, living it over and over and over again.

One thing that really pisses him off is running into the most ANNOYING FUCKING GUY EVER THAT LIVED. NED RYERSON. He actually punches him at one point. I would like to have seen an entire movies worth of Phil murdering Ned.

This needs to go viral NOW.

After he stops being depressed, he starts to see the opportunity for growth. He learns piano, which requires him to repeat the same steps of finding an instructor everyday, only he gets better each day. He pays her with a bag of cash and they tell some dorky girl to get lost.

Phil learns to ice sculpt. And really well. And so things like this happen but he eventually realizes he is in love with Andie MacDowell and wants to have sex with her 1990s teeth, which aren’t so great in this movie,despite her being hot. She’s still hot, too.

Now, he fucks things up at first but eventually he actually does win her over. Finally, one morning, it seems like he wakes up to the same day again, but then he looks over and Andie MacDowell is in bed with him. Fuck yeah he’s out of that shit! I mean, years could have passed, who knows. Also, how many murders did this man potentially commit and develop a psychopathic dark side during his entrapment in this nightmare scenario?

We are led to believe Phil lives happily ever after with Andie. I don’t think that’s what happened though. He got to live the same day over and over again to fix his fuck ups just to get through day ONE with her and after like 4000 tries, got it right. How will day two go, with ONE try? Yeah, good luck buddy. She’s a NUT.

Great movie though. Everyone needs to see it and make their children watch it instead of “I wanna watch cartoons.”


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