Review: Catastrophe – Season 1


Catastrophe is a new comedy show on Amazon Prime, yeah that thing you buy groceries with. It’s a primitive Netflix like service that hey, I won’t lie, kinda sucks next to Netflix. But it’s about good content in the end and holy shit, this show is AWESOME. Rob Something and lady british are FUNNY, but not in the kind of way that Big Bang Theory tries to be (1 joke every second). They know where they’re good and they prove it by doing a riskier, less joke formula but the jokes? They’re like golden eggs vs shitty white eggs.

Here is the plot. Rob and Sharon (real first names, fake last ones, I love it!) are two business people in New York that meet up and fuck for like a week, straight. He’s cumming all up in her. She gets pregnant because, according to Islam, she enjoyed it. That’s really what they think. Then, they skip thinking about an abortion which I immediately thought of. They decide to keep it and Rob moves to LONDON because she’s from there. She’s a school teacher to little kids but this guy moves because he wants to make it work that much.

Problem is, for some reason, people in London are retarded. Sharon has a friend who is wild eyed and believes you can shove a blueberry up your ass to cure cancer. Sharon’s brother is a prick who I want to hit. Sharon’s parents are pretty much religious nuts. Everyone ends up having some WEIRD side to them except for Rob and Sharon, which is pretty awesome because that’s how life feels for me and probably everyone else ever too.

Rob and Sharon are both hilarious, acting wise and character wise. You get lots from each one and they don’t play the dumb shit where the other person gets offended at everything said, although we do go there briefly in the last episode of the season – but it gets resolved so fast, you don’t have to drag on with a bullshit separation story that every show does and no one wants to see anymore.

At times, the show is about nothing but two funny people making their way in life. The show doesn’t mind being raunchy and funny in every way you can picture, including a random transition shot of a cat which I found hilarious. I rate this show 10/10, really rare from this site. It completely hooked me and is at least worth doing a trial of Amazon Prime to check out. This is why I’m so harsh on most TV shows – so when I tell you one is good, it carries weight. This show is a good one.

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