I hate George Clooney

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I hate George Clooney. I can’t stand him. He can’t act. He doesn’t try either.

First, Clooney isn’t good looking. I don’t know where that bullshit has come from but he’s no more special than your average guy. Cloon has sunken sleepless eyes and a smirk I want to smack.

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Why is he always smirking? What’s there to smirk about motherfucker? You couldn’t play Batman right. You know, the character that stoically exists in a mask. You fucked that up Clowny.

He dated Stacy Keibler, whom everyone mentions like she’s special. She’s hot, of course, but again – a grit. She fucked David Flair and Test. She’s not my favorite Keibler, either.

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Clooney is so muted and boring in his roles. He just utters the lines without any life or interest. Meh another movie, phone it in.

I’m taking a shit right now and the smell is one I associate with Clooney. I bet he takes GROSS shits. You just know they’re those nasty little clam strip turds that everyone is extra cautious not to leave behind after a flush for a future occupant to see and begin wondering who shit like that. I bet when George Clooney wipes his ass, he smells his finger. He probably sniffs his socks too. Quit doing that shit, George! It’s grody.

7 thoughts on “I hate George Clooney”

  1. Worst thing about this no-talented jerk is that he is dangerous. Unfortunately so many people are ignorant and have made this guy very wealthy and now a Hollywood elitist who is backing an equally dangerous elitist by the name of Hilary Clinton. I just do not understand how such a large portion of the population buy into such nonsense. It is no wonder that America is in such dire straits.

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  2. I punched in, I hate George Clooney,because I’m sick of seeing him using his stardom to promote his liberal views. I’m glad Trump won the election, if for nothing else, just to put it in these pukes ass.
    I hate his movies as well. I have never watched a George Clooney movie. I don’t like him. He is boring, understated, jerky and his movies are the same.
    I can’t stand his wife either.


  3. Clooney is probably gay but hides it well. His career is likely based on how good he is in on the casting couch. His wife was an obvious beard.


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