Review: Robocop (2014)


This one surprised me. It’s super-big-budget and I didn’t hate it when it was over. But there was some ignorance to point out.

We open with Samuel L Jackson doing some weird noise over the MGM Lion.

The ED 209’s tell the people of Tehran to exit their homes in English. Of course the suicide bombers say they don’t want to kill any Americans – just to die on TV. Bet a lot of dead soldiers would disagree but liberals make movies.


Even though Murphy is undercover, he pulls his gun on the bad guys risking a shoot out on a hunch that it will get the gun seller to reveal secrets. It works.

The company thinks it can make a revenue of 600 billion annually off of the US ALONE.

Robocop is awake and is suddenly an idiot. He chokes an Asian guy and shouts at him “Where am I?” Before instantly throwing him down. He calls his wife and is suddenly unable to act like a non-idiot.

I wouldn’t buy that for a dollar.”

There is an entire sequence where Robocop kills about 500 robots that were kicking his ass, just one, in a simulation 5 minutes earlier.

Robocop decides to solve his own crime. The cop lady says he’s breaking protocol but earlier, she said he could take ANY CASE from any detective he wanted. Not “except his.”

Somehow, the Senate (or even Congress) can repeal an act without the signature of a president.

Bad ass action sequence and then of course the President vetoes the repeal.

The gimmick they keep doing is that everything is flickering off and on but during the credits, if you actually wanted to read them, you would be really annoyed.

I liked the movie though. It was the 2014 version of the original Robocop – with much better effects.


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