Review: Hell’s Kitchen – Season 3


Season 3 of Hell’s Kitchen is a unique season, in that there seemed to be far less talent than previous seasons. At points, this season becomes tedious.

Like episode 1 begins with a new record level of incompetence. The fat Asian guy begins crying in the kitchen. It’s clear Aaron has no clue what he’s doing and he starts crying. Joanna shows she’s trouble and can’t quit having an attitude. About 5 need immediate elimination. Joanna, who looks like a cousin of Cesar from Planet of the Apes, survived somehow.

They keep showing promos like someone nearly dies this season. “Don’t die on me!” I wondered if it was that serious and it wasn’t – and was, in a way. Aaron has diabetic issues and blacks out several times in the kitchen. He later did die from complications. He seemed like a nice guy but wow – no pressure in his upbringing or what?

It shocked me on the second episode that Eddie was eliminated. The little guy didn’t seem half bad. Ha! Half.

On the third, Aaron finally takes a dive into the hospital. Ramsay dumps him thankfully.

Gordon says “Who do you think you are, fucking WWF Wrestling?” Which got me laughing on the fourth.

Things get a little gay during one episode.

He has to kick Josh off at point because he is so bad, mid-service. He offers the nasty faced Waffle House cook a trip to culinary school when he boots her. But she’s nasty in the last episode and acts like a bitch to Bonnie. I hope she’s not on the show again, like Ramsay promised.

Rock wins which surprised me in some ways but in others, I got it. Rock did a good job proving himself throughout the show, while Bonnie was always up for elimination. Plus, compare the names: Rock vs Bonnie.

Overall, this seasons quality of cooks was far lower. Everyone was much more inept. And somehow, Aaron just passed out reading this.


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