Fire Bill Demott. Updated: He’s GONE!


Bill Demott is the trainer at NXT. He’s always struck me in interviews as a personality-less jackass and he sucked as wrestler “Hugh Morrus” in WCW – but apparently, he really sucks – in real life. Another brainless jock. Updated in the article!

Demott has been under criticism the past few days and even further back than that. This week, the heat got turned up when letters started surfacing accusing Demott of abusing trainees in WWE’s developmental territory. One story told about how Demott slapped someone on the head who had a concussion.

Another talked about Demott tearing a shirt off of Alexander Rusev – just after he had a neck surgery. Shirts grab the back of your neck, so guess where all the pressure went?

Apparently, Demott kicked someones’ boot after they had broken their leg, too. And anyone that complains or speaks up? They get punished.


I’ve seen a lot of people defending Demott’s behavior, like that trainees should expect to get beat up or slapped around or injured while training to wrestle. It is one thing to train someone – but to abuse someone for no reason, that isn’t improving them. Some apparently compared Demott’s behavior to that of a drill sargeant, which offended a military veteran who penned a great response. In it, he wrote: “At no point during basic training did a Drill Sergeant ever lay hands on me or physically assault me in any way. And I never saw or heard of this sort of behavior occurring to any member of my platoon or company.” Read his full message here.

Chris Jericho actually moronically came out in defense of Demott, at least temporarily. Jericho stated that people shouldn’t be wimps and that he was beat up by the Hart’s much worse than anyone at NXT was. Ethan Carter from TNA took that Tweet and completely burned Jericho – to the point that Jericho deleted the Tweet. Here is Carter’s response:

Jericho deleted his Tweet after that, as I mentioned. Chris Jericho is good at politicking and I’m sure he was just aiming to score brownie points with WWE but dude, shut up.

WWE claimed that they did a “full investigation” on Demott and found nothing – yet, people who were trained and made allegations against him say they were NEVER interviewed. So how full is that? Full of shit. WWE is well known for sweeping messes under the rug, dating back to the 80s when Superfly Snuka went crazy on a chick he had domestically abused several times – and she ended up dead.

Here’s the thing – WWE is a corporate, publicly traded company which pushes a children’s product. They participate in anti-bullying campaigns and read to children in classrooms. So if anywhere in that corporation, a man is allowed to call other employees faggots, pussies, slap them while they’re concussed, kick broken legs and apparently, run useless and pointless drills designed just to torture talent instead of build and develop them, then he should be removed OR the company should return to being privately traded. You can’t do both.


Bill Demott has left WWE! Here is his Tweet along with some of my favorite replies.



4 thoughts on “Fire Bill Demott. Updated: He’s GONE!”

  1. Let me play devil’s advocate here. Training young body perfect people can’t be a fun job. You need to run them, or they’ll run you. Drill instructors aren’t nice. Oh but its not the army. There are stories from Japanese wrestlers and even actors about how cruel or awful trainers and instructors are. In another way Bill is a gate keeper if you can survive that big of a douche then you can make it in the company. How bad do you want it? Enough to survive the worst person possible? Its a good weeding out process.

    On the other hand… those that can’t… teach.

    I’ve had some awful clients that I hate their personalities. I work for my company and I sometimes get forced to deal with these assholes. There was one asshole boss / client that I met his entire staff, we went out to a restaurant, took it over. He said “we’ve got a few women here, how bout one of you flash a waiter to get us a free pitcher of beer.” He said that. I was like wow and none of your employees spoke up. Well fuck this company. So I told my boss about it and we bowed out of a $40,000 contract and probably what would have meant more over a span of years. Luckily that outing was to celebrate the finalization of phase 1 ending our original contract.

    Now I see that guy, that business owner is teaching.


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